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Products & Services

Sea Box International (SBI) specialises in providing customised modular solutions to the Military, Mining and Emergency Services industries, however SBI welcomes enquiries from all domains.

Working within the military field calls for extensive knowledge of specific processes, requirements and specifications. It is knowledge that can take years to acquire; knowledge that SBI has. SBI is one of the few shipping container suppliers in Australia that understands the unique needs of the military field. SBI understands the physical requirements of the modules as well as the documentation and project management required for military projects. Its modules are perfect for military use: durable, rapidly deployable and completely customisable; modules can be fine-tuned to any military need. Whether it’s for shipping supplies across the desert or holding 25 soldiers in rough terrain, SBI can design and build it. SBI has a proven track record by dealing extensively with the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

SBI supplies a huge range of specialist equipment for mining and construction: everything from logistics platforms and warehousing systems to camp kitchens, accommodation modules, multi-purpose camp buildings, water storage containers, water treatment, containerised power, mining haulage containers and bonded stores. SBI understands that mining and construction work doesn’t always have conventional cargo; SBI can design and build custom modular solutions to meet those needs. Hazardous goods, corrosive materials, ore, heavy objects – whatever your requirements, SBI has a solution. SBI has a proven track record in the mining industry with end users such as Chevron and CKJV (Chicago Bridge & Iron/Kentz Joint Venture).

SBI recognises the need for transportable modular capabilities within the emergency services industry. From deployable medical facilities to transportable training systems, SBI works with expert equipment suppliers to fit-out and deliver specialist capabilities.

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